Remote Console via VNC


Accessing the video output of a server can be very useful sometimes. For example, issues with the configuration that prevent the machine from booting can be easily fixed that way. Additionally, it's possible to install a custom operating system.

We offer VNC access for every CloudServer.

Login Credentials

You can find the credentials to use the VNC server in our ServerManager by selecting the option "VNC Console".

Zugangsdaten zum VNC-Server

You can use these credentials to conect to the server using any VNC client.


Apple ships a VNC client together with macOS. Open a Finder window and select "Go to" --> "Connect with server" on the menu bar.

Mit Server verbinden in macOS

Please enter the connection details in the following format: "vnc://VNC_SERVER:VNC_PORT". Afterwords, you'll be asked to enter the password.

VNC-Verbindung steht in macOS


There are a number for VNC clients for Windows. As an example, we'll be showing the connection process using TightVNC.

Mit Server verbinden in TightVNC

After you opened TightVNC, please enter the connection details in the following format: "VNC_SERVER:VNC_PORT".

VNC-Verbindung steht in Windows


You can either use TightVNC or install any other VNC client out of your distribution's repository. Please refer to our explanation for Windows if you choose to use TightVNC.